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All of our staff have attained Bachelors Degree Level or Higher in Computing or Electronics related subjects and have a broad range of skills and knowledge to draw upon to solve the most diverse of challenges.

Robin O'Leary

Set up Caederus in 1990 and co-developer of the Netpilot product range. He spent a number of years as chair of the ACMs European programming competition, and has been involved in projects covering a wide range of topics from IP over wireless connections, Network Time protocol servers and GPS systems, PDC handling and even autonomous robot lawnmowers.

Justin Mitchell, MSc

Spent several years as the systems administrator for CymruNet where he gained in depth skills of running 24/7 mission critical systems on an array of Linux platforms. As well as developing customer facing software to offer improved services to clients, which eventually lead to the creation of the Netpilot product and Equiinet, followed by 2 years of further development on the embedded PPC/linux system and gui software for those products.

Steven Hosgood, PhD

Has been a UN*X programmer since 1978. Has worked on embedded systems, mostly with the Motorola 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors for many years, programming in 'C' and assembler. Projects have included telephony, data loggers, data analysers, video processing and time-synchronisation over networks.

Steve has been involved with the Linux community since 1994 and the 1.1.12 kernel. As with Justin (above), Steve worked on the Netpilot project and was one of the initial core of people who became Equiinet.

Linux programming experience includes GUI design (both with GTK+ and web pages), networking, data logging, astronomy and even a bit of graphics game design.

Sitsofe Wheeler, BSc

Recent Graduate employee, with wide cross platform experience with many of the new programming languages and technologies as well as Linux programming skills.

Sharon Fawcett, BSc

New graduate employee, specialises in interactive websites with PHP and MySQL.